Apple Turnip Salad


Easy, yummy and RAW with a great tangy, crispy sharpness!  I love the way the sweet apple plays off the sharp turnip…really fun, refreshing and it wakes up your palate!

1 C grated Apple
1 C grated Turnip (rutabaga, daikon or any type of radish can also be used)
2 to 4 TBS of chopped flat leaf Parsley
1 TBS of extra virgin Olive Oil
2 TBS of Lemon Juice
Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash your hands!  Use them to toss this salad—mix everything together in a bowl  Give it a couple of good cracks of fresh black pepper and a two good pinches of sea salt, taste it an adjust.  Need more lemon juice?  Hit it!  Need more salt, pepper, parsley?  You know what to do!

Check out the video for this recipe here.