We are celebrating the letter “S” and our special guest today is the queen of the berries , the STRAWBERRY!  I had to do strawberries because they are so beloved, so delicious and oh so dangerous!

That’s right, these tender little creatures are on the list of the top twelve MUST EAT ORGANIC fruits!  Seriously, this is one of the worst crops when it comes to pesticides and chemical fertilizer, so do yourself a solid and pay the extra cash for the OG berries!

Should I bother telling you about how good these babies are for you?  I mean, all we really care about is their incredible bright flavor, right?  But they rock!  Loads and loads of vitamins and minerals C, A, Potasium, Calcium, Antioxidants, Folate, Fiber, they lower blood pressure…and dang they’re delish!

Buy your berries at the farmer’s market; you’ll be able to find different varieties of strawberries and they’ll be sun ripened!  Farm fresh strawberries have intense flavor and sweetness.  Speaking of fresh, strawberries are a summer crop.  A lot of the berries you see for sale in the cooler months are imports or hot-house grown.  In warmer parts of the world, like Southern California, there are farmers cranking out strawberries year-round…but they always taste best in the summer.  There’s no comparison really, a summer-fresh berry just explodes with flavor.

Real quick…you ever had strawberries in balsamic vinegar?  So good!  Take about a pint of strawberries and toss them with about three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, and add the zest of a half a lemon or about a half teaspoon of fresh ginger and sugar or honey to taste.  Eat it alone or on a yellow cake or ice cream!  Beautiful.

We’re taking a trip down the raw road for our main course.  A dessert that you can eat any time of day—even for breakfast!  In fact, this is a killer breakfast.  It’s a RAW STRAWBERRY PIE!!!  The first time I had a raw pie was at the Coconut Grove Farmer’s Market down in Miami, Florida.  There’s this crazy raw foodist there named Glaser Organic Farms who makes some seriously incredible food.  You wouldn’t believe how good his food is.  But it’s the pies that set him apart.  My humble raw pie is in homage to his mastery.  It’s actually quite easy to make and incredibly tasty!

Enough said.  You love strawberries, everyone does.  They’re bright, fun, good for you and delicious.  Plus, they need no preparation—the best way to enjoy them is plain, all by themselves…but do share with a loved one.  Strawberries are a good reminder of how wonderful it is to be alive.  Let’s keep it that way, please GO ORGANIC!  OK?  OK.